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Surprising Pizza Statistics

You know what sucks about pizza? Absolutely nothing. This tasty food has been pleasing human taste buds for centuries now, and is nearly ubiquitous across the globe. Enjoyed by millions of people each day, there might be few things that could even actually surprise you about the pizza industry. Until you look at the numbers. If you think you know how popular this food industry is, or how many get delivered each day, then think again. Here are some surprising pizza statistics to blow your mind.

Ten. Billion. Dollars.

According to available data on the subject, consumer spending in the United States alone on pizza delivery is $10 billion. That is staggering. Especially when you find out that it was only for 2014. In 2006, consumers spent over $12 billion dollars. That’s about $35 for every single person that lives in the country. Making sure that you have the right equipment to get their pies to them safely is of the utmost importance.


Domino’s. Not necessarily a very good pizza, but certainly one of the most popular. This is the estimated brand value of their name. They have built their business around speedy delivery with a flexible menu. It’s fast, easy, and convenient for people, hence why they go with them so often despite their pizza being less than stellar. Quick, convenient, and fresh delivery goes a long way in this world.

45 minutes

This is, on average, the best estimate that people can give for pizza delivery wait times. That includes making the pizza, packing it, and getting it to the customer. Of course people understand if things are busy, and they have to wait longer, but after you cross this threshold, people begin to get antsy. Having your food out of the oven, in a package, and on the way to your home for so long means that it will lose its freshness unless you have the proper packaging.

The world’s most popular food is without a doubt a lucrative business if done properly. These stats prove that people are willing to pay big bucks each year to have access to a great pizza. That also guarantees that there is going to be a lot of competition. You need to make sure you do it right to get your slice of the pie. Our pizza deliver bags can make sure that your product gets there fresh as can be. With these surprising pizza statistics, you now realize how much that is worth.