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Restaurants Boost Sales by Upgrading to Covertex Bags

Covertex is the original pizza Bag Company and one of the nation’s leading suppliers of pizza and thermal packaging bags. Our thermal bags are the perfect choice for takeout food and will keep pizzas both hot and crisp until they are delivered. We assure all consumers that if they use Covertex bags for their deliveries, their customers will get the pizza delivered uncrushed and sizzling hot as though it was removed from the oven to the hands of the client ordering in.

Our bags are designed to wick away moisture and to keep the pizza crisp. The Covertex bags are custom designed and made from water-repellent nylon. On the inside of our bags there is stain resistant polyester fortified by open cell polyurethane insulate material that prevents the heat from seeping out.

With upgraded delivery bag technology provided by Corvetex pizza bags, you will find that your sales will soar. With Covertex bags you can outshine your competitors when you deliver crispy delicious pizza pies that taste as though they just came out of the oven!

For more information of Covertex pizza bags and products, contact our sales office today. 1-800-968-2310.