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Regional Spotlight: the history of New Haven Apizza

Here at Covertex, we know that our bags are used to bring fresh, hot pizza from ovens to people’s doorsteps around the world. This delicacy is one of the world’s most popular foods, and many regions can boast of having their own unique version of it. Today we want to focus on one of the lesser-known but one of the best regional variations, New Haven Apizza. You might not think that the tiny state of Connecticut produces some of the world’s greatest pies, but it’s the truth.

Taste and distinction

When Italian immigrants fled the peninsula in droves searching for peace and economic opportunity, many of them settled in and around the harbor of New Haven, Connecticut. They brought their language, heritage, and of course they brought their food. Pizza here soon began to take on a life of its own, and the Neapolitan style that the immigrants brought with them soon blended with local tendencies and ingredients to make a new concoction affectionately known by locals as apizza. Pronounced ah-beets, what makes it special is its thin crust, normally charred bottom, and minimal use of cheese, all done in a piping-hot coal-fired oven. Although fresh mozzarella is a main ingredient, New Haven style makes sure to make use of plenty of other fresh ingredients to produce a full taste. Of course, being a sea-faring people, the folks of Connecticut love to put clams on their pies, so don’t you dare go there and leave without trying one.

Famous names

The style has become woven into the very fabric of the city and surrounding towns. Famous names like Pepe’s, Sally’s , and Modern are living legends, and new up-and-coming pizza joints open up monthly to try and challenge the titans. People come from around the world just to get a taste, and this little city punches far above its weight when battling it out with the New York style pies just down the highway.

Breaking out

Originally famous just in this small city, the brand has soared in popularity over the years and is now available not only across the entire state of Connecticut, but is also served as far away as Tokyo, Japan. This once closely guarded local secret is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Pizza might be the world’s most popular food, and it seems that you can’t go anywhere without walking by a place selling it. No matter which country you are in, there will always be great restaurants serving pies and delivering them to your door with our delivery bags. New Haven style is just one of the many great regional variations.