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Pizza Vending Machines

Pizza is one of those foods that will never go out of style. It is made in a variety of ways to please every type of eater. When you have a product that is so popular, it is no surprise business owners want to make it available everywhere. Just like other food items, pizzas have made their way into vending machines. Now you can step right up and make yourself a hot and ready pizza at the touch of a button. Let’s Pizza vending machines makes pizzas that are dispensed in just 2.5 minutes.

Each vending machine has a bag of mineral water and bag of flour inside. When you order your pizza the machine shapes and makes the dough into a crust then tops it with organic tomato sauce. A topping is placed on the pizza then the pizza is ready for the oven. The vending machine is equipped with an infra-red oven that cooks your pizza in 2.5 minutes. Each pizza comes out in a pizza delivery box.

Advances technology helps make this pizza vending machine a reality. To keep cost under control and alert operators regarding stocking, the internet lets you know what services the pizza vending machine might need. Each machine has enough ingredients to make 200 pizzas. Let’s Pizza produces its’ own toppings and has a variety of toppings from traditional to vegetarian. Each vending machine makes four types of pizzas. Let’s Pizza will pop vending machines up in airports, hospitals, gas stations, malls and more.

Now you can enjoy pizza in almost any location. It’s quick and easy and lunch is served in 2.5 minutes!