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The Pizza Underground Band

The Pizza Underground is a Velvet Underground cover band that is wholeheartedly dedicated to pizza. The band started as a joke side project, but with the addition of the former child star Macaulay Culkin, the band shot to fame and was turned into a full-fledged touring act. The band mostly plays Velvet Underground covers but they replace the lyrics to make the songs about pizza. It sounds really quirky but they have surprisingly developed a genuine cult following and have performances scheduled all over the world.

The bands performance includes a collection of songs inspired by Lou Reed’s former band with themes and lyrics changed to feature everything and anything to do with pizza. In the ballad Cheese Days, a take on These Days, Pizza Underground sings “I don’t do too much toppings these days, these days I seem to order cheese, and don’t say please, and then I walk away.” Other songs include I’m Waiting for Delivery Man, All the Pizza Parties, and Take a Bite of the Wild Slice.”

Students have the option of taking a one, two or four day course that cover everything that is involved in the pizza-making process including choosing the perfect flour, the role of levitation and temperature in the final consistency of your dough, and the proper application of the traditional Neapolitan slap to open the dough up.

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