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Pizza Toppings Around The World

Everybody has favorite pizza toppings, and when you order a pie from your favorite restaurant, you likely look forward to the delicious ingredients in the box. But have you ever wondered what’s in the pizza delivery bags around the world? People in many different countries across the globe enjoy pizza, and some of the toppings that make this pie delicious in other parts of the world may surprise you.

Paneer, which is a form of cottage cheese, is a favorite pizza topping in India. People in India also order pickled ginger as a topping on their pizza pies.

If you’re visiting Brazil, you can be like the locals and order green peas as a topping for your pizza. The peas pair well with the tomato pizza sauce.

Flambée, a combination of fresh cream with onions and bacon, is a topping that is quite common if you’re ordering pizza in France.

If you enjoy a mixture of savory and sweet, you can draw some inspiration from pizza lovers in Costa Rica, who top their pies with coconut.

These are just some of the toppings that people around the world use to make their pizza even more delicious. The next time you order a pizza, be a little adventurous and see how you like these ingredients!