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Pizza Hut’s New Projector Pizza Box

If you thought the pizza industry was already high tech then just wait until you hear what Pizza Hut has unveiled in Hong Kong.

Recently the popular pizza chain launched their new “Blockbuster Box.” The box, in which their pizza is delivered, converts into a projector for their phones. The box also includes a code for the user to download a free movie, which they can then play on their phone and project onto a wall of their home using a special lens inserted in the pizza box.

This new promotional idea is unexpected, brilliant, and horrible all at once.

Nothing quite brings friends or a family together like a greasy pizza and a movie. This projector pizza idea took a shockingly long time for anyone to think of.

On the other hand, few people want to project a movie from their phones. Assuming the lens hasn’t been smeared with pizza grease and that the person ordering a pizza has a free wall to project the movie on, there’s still the question of sound. Unless they have speakers which they can hook their phone up to, groups of pizza lovers will now be huddled around tiny phones while trying to watch a movie across the room from them.

However if they do have speakers, keep the lens free of pizza grease, then this may be the best idea Pizza Hut has ever had.

At the moment the Pizza Hut “Blockbuster Box” is being kept to Hong Kong with no word yet on if it will be released to North American consumers.

For now we guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed or, better yet, release a projector pizza bag to keep your food hot and you entertained.