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Pizza Hut Develops the World’s First Subconscious Menu

Selecting pizza toppings can be such a chore! We’ve all stood hesitating in front of a pizza menu, unable to decide what toppings we want to add to our pie. Pizza Hut has found a solution for this long time dilemma by creating a ‘subconscious menu’ that lets you order your perfect pizza just by looking at a screen.

The subconscious menu is a digital screen that displays 20 key pizza toppings ranging from chicken to green peppers. Customers look at the screen, and in just 2.5 seconds the computer records what ingredients they have been looking at the longest. Based on the tracking of your eye movements, it then uses an algorithm to identify the diner’s perfect pizza from 4896 possible ingredient combinations.

The analytical menu was developed by Tobii Technology, a Swedish company which specialises in eye tracking technology, to promote the new Pizza Hut menu. The global chain claims that tests have been 98 percent successful so far, but that if customers are not pleased with the computer’s choice, they can start again.

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