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Pizza Can Be Healthy

Pizza may often be classified as junk food, but this is not always the case. The basic ingredients of pizza all have a healthy potential and it is only when you go overboard on toppings or the amount of slices you eat that pizza earns its notorious reputation.

You do not have to sacrifice taste to enjoy health benefits. Here are some tips by Covertex Corp to help you order nutritious and delicious pizza pies:

  • Limit your quantities. Instead of eating five or more slices, limit yourself to one or two. Try and fill yourself by ordering a delicious side plate of salad with your pizza.
  • Order less cheese or go cheese-less. Cheese is rich in calcium and protein, but it can make up the bulk of the calories in pizza depending on how much is placed on top of the pie. Asking for half the amount of cheese can save you hundreds of calories.
  • Replace fatty cheese with lighter cheese options such as feta.
  • Choose thin over thick crust. Crust contains carbs and carbs equal calories. You can cut down on calories by ordering thin crust, versus a deep dish, thick crust or cheese-filled crust. If available, ordering whole-wheat dough is a healthier option.
  • Try adding grilled chicken, seafood or bacon instead of pepperoni and sausage. They are lower in saturated fat and calories.

With careful planning, and by following some of the above mentioned tips, you can make pizza fit well into your healthy diet. 1-800-968-2310