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Host an Office Pizza Party

Throwing a pizza party can be a great reward to acknowledge and appreciate the work and achievements of your employees. Office pizza parties usually coincide with the conclusion of a project or the calendar year, those are the best times for everyone to get together and celebrate their hard work and effort.

Here is a short guideline that will guarantee that your office pizza party will be successful:

Find an appropriate day and time for the pizza party. It should usually be during the lunch hour or late in the afternoon – times when people are winding down or expected to be free from meetings and other commitments.

Find out how many people will attend the pizza party. Send out an e-mail to everyone that should be invited to see if they are interested and if they could attend.

Since everyone has a favorite pizza topping, ask people to provide two suggested toppings. Tally up the responses and rank the top three toppings. The majority of your pizza order should consist of these toppings.

Once you know how many people are planning to attend, and the pizza toppings they want, you’ll have an idea on the number of pizzas to get. Assuming that the average person will eat two slices, use the following formula to help you determine how much pizza to order: (Number of People Attending) x (2) = Total Slices to Order. Divide that number by 8 to know how many pizza pies you need to order.

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