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The French Fry Pizza

With a craving for delicious takeout food, your brain and taste buds may be unable to decide between two popular options, French fries and pizza. There is now a solution to this long held dilemma to satisfy this dual craving – the French fry pizza. Yes you heard it right, a pizza made of a base and crust of French fries!

French fry pizza is a whole new way to enjoy these two classic and delicious dishes. Held together with cheese, the French fry crust looks exactly like a solid pizza base. This ingenious food mash-up fuses your cheesy, saucy, crunchy, crispy food cravings into a single satisfying dish. You can top the French fry pizza with pepperoni or a topping of your choice.

Not all pizzerias offer this interesting food mash-up, but if there is one in your local vicinity, you should definitely have it delivered to your home!

Covertex catering delivery bags will ensure that the pizza being delivered arrives hot and fresh to your employees. For more information of Covertex catering food deliver bags, contact our sales office today. 1-800-968-2310