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Covertex Bags for the Meals on Wheels Program

The Meals on Wheels program insures that our seniors constantly get a variety of nutritious and fresh food. The program helps those who are unable to shop for their own food or cook by providing daily delicious and affordable meals. At the moment, most meals on wheels programs deliver frozen food to the elderly residents.

The elderly community could see dramatic improvements to the food they receive from meals on wheels if Covertex heated bags are used. Instead of giving seniors frozen meals that are cold and impersonal, you can give pensioners fresh food using Covertex bags. The containers will lead to improvements to both the quality of the food and the service of delivery.

The meals on wheels programs deliver several thousand meals to the elderly community spread all over the country. The volunteer delivery team should have good quality bags that are insulated and can handle harsh environments and constant usage as those bags are hauled from one location to another. The handles of the bags are made so that the weight of the bags is distributed across the shoulders of the volunteers. This reduces strain and makes deliveries easier and hassle-free for volunteers.

Now that winter is here – meals on wheels is vital of those who are unable to go out and buy their food. Those with limited mobility are unable to properly heat the food. Our pensioners deserve fresh food – if we deliver fresh food to residents by using meals on wheels delivery bags we can ensure that they are eating right.