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Elderly residents who are unable to go out and buy their food especially during winter months rely on charity organizations to provide them with daily meals. The delivery of food is especially important during the winter time when lack of warm food and nutrition could be fatal for some of the older and less healthy seniors. The business scheme of these organizations sees that fresh food is delivered right to the doorstep of those who need it.

Previously these charity organizations were only able to deliver frozen food to the elderly residents. This was to preserve the food and to not serve it cold or spoiled. This frozen food required the extra effort on part of the seniors to heat up and cook the food. Sadly, some of the seniors were too old to be cooking or lacked the resources to cook. Many times the food they did end up eating was not well cooked and remained frozen in certain parts.

With the introduction of top quality Covertex bags to deliver food, charity organizations will find that they can better serve the elderly community and provide them with the warm and hearty meals they deserve.

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