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Cooktek delivery bags

Covertex Bags Help Deliver Warm Meals to Pensioners

The patented CookTek bag designed by Covertex has revolutionized the pizza delivery system like no other bag has done before. CookTek distinguishes itself with its 1000d nylon exterior and specialized induction warming disks that can be charged and reused.

The warming disks are able to maintain the pizza’s warm temperature and enable reliable and easy delivery of hot, crispy pizzas from the oven to the customer’s door. The chargers and warming disks are installed in a special pouch inside the bag and allow for fast, reliable cordless charging. Each bag comes with a polycarbonate tray for placing the bag on the charger. A red-green indictor light on the charging system allows the user to know when the bag has finished charging.

Our Covertex pizza bags and products are slick, elegant and customizable. The bags are comfortable due to the thick padding of the handle that won’t strain or cut into the delivery person’s hands or cause them wrist pain. Plus, your company or restaurant logo can be featured on the surface of the CookTek bag.