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You Can Now Order Pizza Via Tweet

Twitter is a place where you post 140 character messages to the world and interact with other people about various trending topics. It’s now also a place where you can order a pizza, thanks to Domino’s new functionality.

Twitter will be adding a new feature that will make pizza ordering a lot simpler, as if it already needed to be. Starting May 20, ordering a pizza will be as easy as Tweeting. You will be able to order from the Twitter app on your smartphone. All you will have to do is tweet an emoji or use the hashtag “EasyOrder” in your message.

Domino’s is the first player in the industry to use Twitter to place and complete an order. The target audience here is no doubt the busy, younger consumers. Ordering from Twitter will be fast, easy and ultra-convenient. So starting next week, when you have a late night craving for pizza, all you have to do is make the proper Tweet and that will show up faster than calling and placing an order!