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Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza: The Latest Pizza Innovation

We all know that restaurants are constantly trying to outdo each other by coming up with dishes that are so over the top that they become viral news items. When you hear about such an invention, you can probably bet that bacon will somehow be involved. Well, the latest pizza concoction has just that: a crust wrapped in bacon.

This new eye catching and artery-clogging pizza recipe comes to us courtesy of Little Caesar’s, and the story is currently making the rounds on the internet among greasy food connoisseurs. The new invention takes the restaurant’s traditionally square deep dish pizza and wraps the length of its edge with crispy bacon, creating a wall that is about three feet long.

Needless to say, marketing stunts like this do work and result in an increase in sales for the innovative restaurant that comes up with them. When it comes to delivering pizza, no matter what’s on (or around) it, Covertex wants to ensure that it arrives to its destination as fresh and hot as it was out of the oven. Check out our selection of high quality pizza delivery bags for more information and give us a call at: 1-800-968-2310.