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Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza Sizes

Pizza has been a ubiquitous comfort food for decades now, but it’s only with the rise of the internet that it’s become the subject of countless articles, memes and online jokes. Part of this online discussion about pizza relates to pizza sizes, and which brings more value to the customer.

Some people, wanting to eat the entire pizza in one sitting, order only as much as they think they can eat at the time. However, it is a better idea to get the largest size that you can afford, especially since pizza can be re-heated or even eaten cold in the following days.

The reason for this — though it might surprise you — is one of simple geometry. A pizza is round, and the area of a circle is proportional to the square of the radius. This means, for instance, that a circle with a diameter of twelve inches has an area two-and-a-quarter times as great as one with a diameter of eighteen inches. Thus, to get the same amount of pizza that you get in a larger product, you would have to spend an extra amount on more than one smaller pizza.

The scientific conclusion is: go for the one that comes in the large pizza delivery box. That is, unless you’re someone who doesn’t like to eat leftover pizza, but really, do these people even exist?