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The 2015 Las Vegas Pizza Expo

It seems that there is a convention for everything these days. From comics to video games, people are attending conventions and expos in ever increasing numbers. One of the most recent events, and perhaps one of the greatest, was the 2015 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. With over ten thousand attendees, the Pizza Expo catered (literally) to pizza makers and eaters from all over the world.

At the event, pizza makers showed off their unique equipment and techniques, and creativity was all around in abundant supply. From dough tossing competitions to cone-shaped pizzas, everything to do pizza – from custom pizza delivery bags to new recipe ideas – was present at the Pizza Expo. Classes and lectures were offered on successfully starting and bettering a pizza making business, for established chefs and common consumers alike. There was even an official pizza car – a Corvette patterned with pepperoni pizza decals.

All of this and more were to be found at the event, which ended on March 26. Don’t worry if you missed it: it’ll be back next year!