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Since 1978, Covertex has been the premier pizza bag manufacturer, distributor and supplier in North America. We pioneered the pizza bag delivery concept in the 1970’s and our engineering department continues to bring exciting new product ideas to the market.

Our customers include both regional and national pizza chains as well as independent pizza operators in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. We provide pizza bags and other food delivery bags in a variety of colors and styles to suit each of our customer’s needs. We use only the highest quality materials and a superior method of construction to ensure our products will produce the results you deserve. Additionally, we have an extensive artwork department that can produce logos which build a strong brand relationship and lead to repeat exposure of your brand message.

Our History

1978 – Covertex was born

1980 – Started mass production for national accounts

1989 – Leading supplier for pizza chains

1997 – Expanded product line to nylon pizza bags

2010 – Additional patents included PizzaPac and VacPac

2016 – Leading vendor for pizza bags and food delivery bags

Meet the Team

covertex work space

Nadia – Office Manager

Luke – IT Department

Mouy – Sewing Department

Linda – Shipping Department

Ed – Artwork Department

Avtar – Cutter

Greg – General Manager

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